Do you want to know how to conceive a girl? Conceiving a girl might seem like a dream come true. There are many reasons that you might want a girl. Maybe you want a baby girl as that little princess to complete your family. It’s a very special thing for a mother to be able to share things with her daughter.  It’s also very special for fathers to have a “daddy’s little girl”. You may want to give your child a sister. Or maybe, you already have a boy and want “one of each”. All of these are valid and reasonable desires.

conceive a girl

The sex chromosome that determines whether your child will be a girl or a boy is carried in the sperm. When you have sex, there will be boy sperm and girl sperm racing to meet your egg. Boy sperm and girl sperm in male sperm have markedly different characteristics. Boy sperm can swim faster and survive in more alkaline conditions, but tire easily. Girl sperm can survive in acidic conditions and have higher stamina, but slow swimmers. This means that if one of girl sperm fertilises your egg before boy sperm can, you will conceive the little baby girl of your dreams.

Here are some tips to conceive a baby girl:

Eat the right food

Lowering the level of potassium in your body and increasing calcium will help in conception of a girl. Calcium provides a favourable environment for girl sperms. Increasing on milk and milk products can help you in increasing calcium level in your body.

Taking a lot of acidic foods like meat, lamb and chicken will increase the chances of you conceiving a baby girl as these make your body acidic. If you have an acidic body, this will create hostile environment. Hostile environment can weak boy sperms. The boy sperms will die off and a girl child will be conceived.

Know the exact timing

Know the exact time of making love will help in conception of a girl. The chances of conceiving a girl child will be higher if the intercourse is done two or three days before ovulation. The boy sperms have a short life and weak. If an intercourse is done earlier, this increasing the chances of girl sperms fertilizing the egg as boy sperms would have died by the time the egg is ready to be fertilized.

The sperm count

If a guy has a low sperm count right off the bat, then neither sex will be favored. You should have sex daily from day 1 or day 5 and stop 3 days before ovulation in order to try for a girl. Before having intercourse, it is recommended that the guy take a hot bath.

The sexual position

We can use a shallow penetration during sexual intercourse in order to conceive a baby girl. To create a shallow penetration, the female can lie or sit in a flexible position. Shallow penetration means that the sperms will have to travel more towards the egg, hence increasing the chances of boy sperms to die off.

Man orgasms before the woman

Another important thing is a woman’s orgasm, It is also tied in with a woman’s pH. It is recommended that a woman have no orgasm or a man orgasms before a woman, because the chemicals released from a woman having an orgasm causing the girl sperm to die off.

PH of a woman’s tract

Another very important thing is the pH of a woman’s tract. The more acidic the tract is the more likely a little girl will be born. The acidic tract tends to kill off any weak boy sperms first. This leaves a greater number of girl sperms that will be available to fertilize the egg.

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how to conceive a girl

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